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Proudly offering Dakotas Dogs grooming services to the Winthrop Harbor, IL area, Dakota looks forward to meeting you and your furry friends!

To learn more about Dakotas Dogs grooming services, check out the “Meet Your Groomer” section along with the “About” and “Services and Pricing” pages.

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Your fur-baby’s happiness and care are Dakota’s top priority. She strives to be the best pet groomer, providing the service she wants for her pet.​

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For six years, Dakota has worked in the dog industry. She began her journey as a bather at PetSmart in 2017, where she learned the basics of dog bathing and nail trimming. Inspired by Tiffany, owner of Purrfect MakeRovers, Dakota decided to advance her skills to offer an elevated level of service to her pup clients.

Determined to find proper training, Dakota discovered a mentorship with Karen Polecastro, head groomer at a doggy daycare in Bartlett, IL, in 2018. As a staff member, she learned advanced grooming techniques and daily pet daycare operations.

In 2018, Dakota adopted an Australian Shepherd pup (The Jimmer), inspiring her next skill: dog training. This led her to a three-year training internship. Learning from a skilled dog trainer, Dakota gained experience to offer personalized services through Dakota’s Dogs LLC.

Dakotas Dogs - grooming

Fun Facts



In 2017, Dakota sought a bathing position at PetSmart to gain professional handling experience for an internship with penguins.


She chose dog grooming due to her American Eskimo, Jasper, who wasn’t friendly to groomers. Dakota bathed and trimmed him herself growing up.


Jimmer is the sillouette in the Dakota’s Dogs LLC logo.

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Pricing is estimated by multiple factors: breed, size, coat/condition of coat (matting, fleas, special shampoos, etc.) dog behavior and requested pickup/drop off to specific locations. Each dog and household are unique. Dakota ensures the best service tailored to your dog's daily life. She can give an estimated range after learning about your dog, with final prices determined at the end of the first groom.

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